Mount Royal Park

1110 Pine Avenue West, Montreal, Quebec, H3G 1A1


Great way to escape the city and enjoy a hike with your dog. On-leash only.

Map of Mount Royal Park

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Dog Park

Percy-Walters Park

Dr Penfield Ave & McGregor Ave, Montreal, Quebec, H3G 1B8

This is a fantastic dog park in downtowm Montreal. It has a large grassed area for running and playing, as well as a treed hilly slope for exploring. On weekends, it's always well attended and owners seem conscientious. The park can get muddy after rainfall and from the spring thaw. Water is available during the summer.

Map of Percy-Walters Park

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Apple Store

1321 Ste-Catherine Ouest, Montreal, Quebec, H3G 1P7


As if Apple fans need another reason to love the brand... you can bring your dog shopping.

Map of Apple Store

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Summit Woods and Lookout

10 Summit Circle, Westmount, Quebec, H3Y 1B4


Summit Woods is a great place for dog owners, although the rules can be hard to sort out. Summit Woods is a wooded area at the north-east corner of Westmount. It contains one of the 3 hill peaks that make up Mount Royal. At the lower edge of the woods is a lookout that provides a great view of the western side of Montreal. Being in Westmount, dogs need a Westmount dog licence. (Wesmount has some great dog parks, so I encourage non-Westmount residents to invest in a Wesmount licence.) During the summer/fall (June 16 - November 30), dogs are allowed off-leash from 5-9am and from 6pm-midnight (although these hours are rarely respected). During the winter/spring (December 1 - April 15), dogs are allowed off-leash during all park hours (5am-midnight). Dogs must be leashed at all times from April 16 - June 15 (bird nesting season). The park is not fenced in, so if your dog tends to bolt, this might not be the best place... But if your dog is well-behaved off-leash, it's a beautiful place to escape from the city.

Map of Summit Woods and Lookout

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Brandy's Holistic Centre and Canine Café

469 rue Marie-Anne, Montreal, Quebec, H2J 2A2


Brandy's is a specialty pet food boutique on the Plateau that specialized in animal nutrition and preventive health. They have a sofa and lounge chair where you can relax with your furry friend while enjoying a coffee, juice or snack. There's a gated double entrance at the door so dogs can safely roam off-leash. I wouldn't necessarily trek across town to visit, but if you're in the area (or it's a cold winter day), it would make nice rest stop.

Map of Brandy's Holistic Centre and Canine Café

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Animalerie Little Bear

4152 Ste-Catherine Ouest, Westmount, Quebec, H3Z 1P6


Arguably Montreal's best pet supply store, stocking the top brands of dog toys (JW, Kong), food (Acana, Orijen), a wide selection of leashes and harnesses, etc. They also offer free delivery (call by noon for same-day delivery).

Map of Animalerie Little Bear

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Five Guys (McGill St)

468 McGill St, Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2H4


Once you have a Five Guys burger, you'll never look at a burger the same way. Their fries are also delicious, rivaling real Belgian fries. The Five Guys location on McGill Street has a couple picnic tables out front, making it a great place to enjoy a burger with your dog.

Map of Five Guys (McGill St)

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Dog Park

Westmount Athletic Grounds

Hillside Ln & Hillside Ave, Westmount, Quebec, H3Z 1V9

The Westmount Athletic Grounds are located behind Westmount High School. Tucked away just west of the tennis courts is a tiny dog run. I've stopped here a few times in passing and I've never seen another dog in the park. No grass. Nothing terribly exciting. Being in Westmount, dogs need a Westmount dog licence.

Map of Westmount Athletic Grounds

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Dog Park

King George Park

72 Crois Belmont, Westmount, Quebec, H3Y1Y4

Deep within King George park (east of the tennis courts) is a large dog run. In my experience, it's mostly attended by smaller dogs, so it's not the best place for larger dogs who like to play hard. Being in Westmount, dogs need a Westmount dog licence.

Map of King George Park

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Dog Park

Gallery Dog Park

1322 Rue Basin, Montreal, Quebec, H3C 1W2


Nice dog park in Griffintown, just off the Lachine Canal bike path. Nice and grassy, but no shade or water source.

Map of Gallery Dog Park

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Dog Park

Des Seigneurs Unofficial Dog Park

Rue des Seigneurs between Lachine Canal and Rue Basin, Montreal, Quebec

With the condo boom in Griffintown, there's clearly a shortage of dog parks in the area. Along the Lachine Canal at Rue des Seigneurs (at the St-Gabriel locks, on the north side of the canal), there's a relatively large unused fenced-in area that locals have baptized as a dog park. There are remnants of an old foundation from the industrial days of the canal, so it makes for an interesting place to play. It is NOT an official dog park, and I don't know if the land is owned by Parks Canada, the city, or a private owner, so use at your own risk.

Map of Des Seigneurs Unofficial Dog Park

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Dog Park

Sainte Cunégonde Unofficial Dog Park

Rue Sainte Cunégonde & Rue Dominion, Montreal, Quebec

This unfenced, triangular grassy area bordered by the seldom-used train tracks and the Lachine Canal is used as an unofficial dog park by local residents. Police occasionally issue tickets in the summer, but that doesn't deter people. There are no tables or water access, but there are trash bins for poo bags. Residents have petitioned to make the area an official dog park, but it's federal land that would need to be decontaminated from industrial use.

Map of Sainte Cunégonde Unofficial Dog Park

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Dog Park

Parc La Fontaine Dog Park

Avenue Émilie-Duployé north of Sherbrooke, Montreal, Quebec

Nestled in a corner of one of Montreal's favourite park is a large dog park. The dog park is on the south-east side of Parc La Fontaine, on avenue Émilie-Duployé just south of the tennis courts.

Map of Parc La Fontaine Dog Park

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Atwater Market

138 Atwater Ave, Montreal, Quebec, H4C 2H6


You don't immediately connect dogs and markets, but this one really works. While you can't go into the market with a dog, the Atwater Market recently installed designated tie-up posts at the north and south entrances. (But for safety of your dog, I recommend that somebody in your group stay with the dog.) Buy lunch or a snack at the market, and enjoy it with your dog on the terrace across from the market, near the canal.

Map of Atwater Market

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Dog Park

Pilote Park

Rue de la Commune Ouest at Rue Nazareth, Montreal, Quebec

The only dog-friendly place in the Old Montreal / Old Port area. (Remember, the Old Port itself prohibits dogs.) Previously located at the corner of Duke and Brennan, the park was relocated (and unfortunately is rather tiny now) because of the major Bonaventure road work. Fingers crossed the park will move back to a better location when the construction work is complete.

Map of Pilote Park

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Le Doggy Café

4493 Papineau, Montreal, Quebec, H2H 1T9


Le Doggy Café opened January 5, 2015 as Montreal's first bring-your-dog restaurant. You immediately know you're somewhere special from the dog park-like double gates that allow dogs to safely roam off-leash while you enjoy a coffee or light meal. We enjoyed a delicious smoothie on our visit, but they also offer salads, veggie burgers, grilled cheeses and homemade desserts. The atmosphere is very laid back and they have a good mix of dogs on weekends. Highly recommended. I'd become a local if I lived closer.

Map of Le Doggy Café

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Lachine Canal

3057 Rue St-Ambroise, Montreal, Quebec

The path along the Lachine Canal, starting in Lasalle, and flowing to the Old Port, is a great walking path for dog owners. Each segment of the path holds special charm, but my favourite part is the area around Atwater Market. Please stick to the walking path or grass, and leave the paved path to cyclists (for your own safety).

Map of Lachine Canal

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SAQ Sélection Westmount

4833 Sherbrooke Street West, Westmount, Quebec, H3Z 1G6


While unlikely an official SAQ policy, this SAQ Westmount location seems to welcome well-behaved dogs on-leash within its store. Just be careful not to knock anything over.

Map of SAQ Sélection Westmount

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Hogg Home Hardware

4855 Sherbrooke Street West, Westmount, Quebec, H3Z 1G9


A great little hardware store in the heart of Westmount. It has a great selection of quality cooking supplies and housewares. Head to the basement for paint, seasonal products and your basic hardware items. I often see well-behaved dogs in the store.

Map of Hogg Home Hardware

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PAWSE Pet Boutique

1937 rue Centre, Montreal, Quebec, H3K 1J1


A cute boutique in Pointe-Saint-Charles with all the essentials, including Acana/Orijen and frozen foods, and my favourite accessories and supplies by Ruffwear.

Map of PAWSE Pet Boutique

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Dog Park

Louis-Cyr Park

171 St-Ferdinand St, Montreal, Quebec, H4C 2S6

Your average dog park in the heart of Saint Henri. Decent-size park with picnic tables for the humans. Several large trees provide shade in the summer. Access to water in the summer.

Map of Louis-Cyr Park

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Cité du Havre Park

3400 Boulevard Pierre Dupuy, Montreal, Quebec, H3C 3R6

Located at the tip of Cité du Havre peninsula, home of the famous Habitat 67, is a wonderfully maintained park in the middle of the Saint Laurence river. Pack a lunch, because with its numerous picnic tables, it's the perfect place for a summer or fall lunch. Great view of the Old Port, downtown Montreal, Mount Royal and Jacques Cartier bridge. After exploring the main park area at the tip, explore the path along the river behind Habitat 67. That's where you'll find the location of Montreal river surfing.

Map of Cité du Havre Park

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Plongée CPAS

4601 rue d'Iberville, Montreal, Quebec, H2H 2L9


Arguably Montreal's best scuba dive shop. Definitely largest selection in the city, so next time you need some scuba gear, no need to leave your dog at home. They were super happy to see our (well behaved) dog join us in the store.

Map of Plongée CPAS

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Lachine Canal Water Access

3843 Rue Saint Patrick, Montreal, Quebec, H4E 1A1

Dogs aren't allows off-leash along the Lachine Canal (Parks Canada rules), nor are they allowed in the canal water. But that doesn't stop dog owners from occasionally letting their dogs play in the canal. This area of the canal slopes down nicely to the water. The surrounding park has several picnic tables. Warning: police patrol the area regularly in the summer and will ticket for off-leash/in-water dogs.

Map of Lachine Canal Water Access

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Dog Park

Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Park

Sherbrooke St W and Girouard Ave, Montreal, Quebec, H4A 1V9

NDG Park has a small dog park nestled within it. Don't go out of your way to come here. It's small and the groundcover is pebbles... no grass. I only stop by when going to the nearby Animal Health Clinic.

Map of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Park

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St-Ambroise Terrace

5080 Rue St-Ambroise, Montreal, Quebec, H4C 2G1


The St-Ambroise Terrace, located along the Lachine Canal at the McAuslan Brewery, is a dog-friendly terrace that serves fresh, local beer and cider (by the glass or pitcher), along with grilled burgers, hotdogs, veggie burgers and nachos. Open daily froom noon to 9pm, May through September (closed in bad weather). Don't be surprised if the staff bring a bowl of water for your furry friend. My guy loves the place so much that if we're just passing by, he tries to pull me in. Accepts cash, debit and credit cards.

Map of St-Ambroise Terrace

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Dog Park

Le Ber Park

Avenue Ash & Rue Dick Irvin, Montreal, Quebec, H3K 2R1

A nice dog park deep in Pointe Saint-Charles, behind Parc Le Ber. The center of the park can get a bit muddy, but much of it is grass-covered. There's a picnic table, but no water access.

Map of Le Ber Park

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5671 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, Quebec, H4A 1W6


This place has an amazing selection of locally sourced dog treats, including exotic (and delicious) things like duck feet and rabbit ears (fur and all).
From Catriona: DogHaus on Sherbrooke in NDG [has] a lot of small dog stuff, but can order some very cool leashes and collars for big dogs, and the owner Evelyn is really nice!

Map of döghaus

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Jean-Drapeau Park

1 Gilles Villeneuve Circuit, Montreal, Quebec, H3C 6A1


Jean-Drapeau park covers Île Ste-Hélène and Île Notre-Dame. In preparation for Expo 67, Île Ste-Hélène was greatly expanded and Île Notre-Dame was entirely created from backfill from the new subway system. Since the Expo, the park gained an Olympic rowing basin, a Formula 1/NASCAR racing circuit and a casino. The park still has numerous Expo installations, some well preserved while others are genuine ruins. The gardens and trails are great places to explore with your dog, and even in high season most of the park is pretty quiet. Dogs are allowed throughout the park (except the beach), but must be on leash. The park can be accessed by foot or car from Jacques-Cartier bridge or pont de la Concorde.

Map of Jean-Drapeau Park

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Asean Garden

5828 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, Quebec, H4A 1X3


This inexpensive Asian restaurant in NDG has a large terrance in the summer that welcomes dogs. Don't expect anything earth-shattering, but this place gets good reviews on Urban Spoon and TripAdvisor.

Map of Asean Garden

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Verdun Waterfront

4110 Bd Lasalle, Verdun, Quebec, H4G 2A5

Behind the extensive Arthur-Therrien sports park and Verdun Auditorium, beyond the bike path, is an beautiful dirt path along the Saint Lawrence river. The path opens to the rover at numerous spots, allowing dogs to get a drink or take a dip in the water. Most people let their dogs off-leash, though it's not officially permitted.

Map of Verdun Waterfront

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9151 Saint Laurent Boulevard, Montreal, Quebec, H2N 1N2


It's always nice to come across a dog-allowed sign, intead of the more-common dogs-not-allowed sign posted on storefronts. This past weekend, we were browsing for new bathroom fixtures at Ciot and we found just that. So if you're in the market for high-end bathroom or kitchen fixtures, or tile, visit Ciot and bring the dog!

Map of Ciot

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Place Versailles

7275 rue Sherbrooke est, Montreal, Quebec, H1N 1E9


Place Versailles is dog friendly! You can't necessarily go into shops with your dog, but you can walk the halls of the mall proper. A great way to socialize a puppy to crowds of people, or to get out of the house on rainy or freezing winter days. Thanks to Alex-Anne for the tip!

Map of Place Versailles

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Hot Dog Café

6678 boul. Taschereau, Brossard, Quebec, J4W 1M8


Hot Dog Café on the south shore is something you have to experience to understand. It's a fully licensed restaurant with a great menu (food, wine and cocktails) and a nice ambiance. It can rival any traditional restaurant. The twist is that you can bring your dog here. You'll see small dogs sitting in chairs at the table with their humans, larger dogs sitting on banquette seats, and others resting under tables. Dogs are asked to be leashed and they have leash tie-ups at each table, but if your dog will stay put in their chair, they seem to be OK with dogs off-leash. Each dog gets a water bowl and you can also ask for a blanket. The staff treat the dogs just as well as the humans. I was ready to dismiss this place as a subpar restaurant because they allow dogs, but was surprised to see that it's a full-fledged restaurant with great food, great service and allows the canines in the family to enjoy the fun. There's also an indoor supervised dog park (pay by the hour) on site if you want to head out for some shopping.

Map of Hot Dog Café

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Dog Park

Centennial Dog Park

3000 Rue Lake, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec, H9B 2M1


The 48-hectare William Cosgrove Centennial Park is home to an off-leash dog park, with a separate enclosure for small dogs.

Map of Centennial Dog Park

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Plaza Pointe-Claire

269 Boulevard Saint-Jean, Pointe-Claire, Quebec, H9R 3J1


From Denise: Plaza Pointe-Claire allows you to walk around the mall with your dog on leash. Naturally, they aren't allowed in stores that serve food.

Map of Plaza Pointe-Claire

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Action Scuba

151A Cartier, Pointe-Claire, Quebec, H9S 4R9


Our favourite anglophone dive shop in the city. We did our PADI open water and advanced open water with Action Scuba and couldn't recommend their courses more highly. Their shop (like most dive shops) are dog-friendly, so bring your furry one along with you when you need to buy equipment or sign up for courses.

Map of Action Scuba

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Dog Park

Kirkland Dog Park

Rue Jean-Yves & Chemin Sainte-Marie, Kirkland, Quebec, H9J 2R6

A large, fenced-in dog park in Kirkland.

Map of Kirkland Dog Park

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Angell Woods

300 James Shaw St, Beaconsfield, Quebec, H9W 6G5


Angell Woods is an old-growth forest that covers approximately 85 hectares (210 acres). The forest had a nice trail network that is a great location for walking dogs. Officially, dogs should be on-leash.

Map of Angell Woods

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Bertold Park

20635 rue Lakeshore, Baie-D'Urfé, Quebec, H9X 1R5

Located next to the Baie-D'Urfé yacht club, this is a great location in the West Island for a play with the dogs. Dogs are allowed off-leash from 6-9am and from 5-9pm, although most dogs are off-leash all day. The park is on the St. Lawrence, so it's perfect for a swim on hot days. The park is not fenced in, but it's inset far from the road. There are several picnic tables.

Map of Bertold Park

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Oka National Park

2020 Chemin d'Oka, Oka, Quebec, J0N 1E0


Historically, dogs have not been allowed in the Quebec national (provincial) parks. But on May 20, 2016 (opening day for the 2016 season), a pilot project was launched to test environmental potential impacts of allowing dogs in the parks. Dogs are allowed in certain areas of Oka park, including several hiking trails, camping and picnic areas. They are not allowed in the nautical access point. Dogs must strictly be on leash at all times. Please be extra considerate to ensure the pilot project results are positive, so that we can gain access to more areas of the park, and more parks within the province. Other parks participating in the pilot project are Frontenac and Jacques-Cartier national parks.

Map of Oka National Park

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Sandy Beach

404 rue Main, Hudson, Quebec, J0P 1H0

Take your dog to the beach! Sandy Beach in Hudson allows dogs, but they must be on leash. Bring a long nylon leash, and you'll still have enough freedom to run around in the water with your dog. The water is quite shallow, so it's great for dogs that like to splash in the water, but don't like to swim. Avoid being here around dusk, because the deer flies can be quite bad.

Map of Sandy Beach

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